New Drag- Drop Video Software With 750 Pre-Made Animated Character “Moves” Allows You To Produce High Quality Engaging Videos For Any Business Fast! 

 Here’s How Anyone Can Explode Sales And List Growth With Engaging High Quality Animated Videos!


Everyone loves to watch engaging online videos.

Give people a well crafted video, and they can become so excited…


  • They’ll like.

  • They’ll share.

  • They’ll comment.

  • They’ll email.

  • They’ll click.

  • They’ll purchase.

Whatever you need.

All because they saw a really cool video.

Creating videos like this used to be expensive and hard to manage, but that changes now with ToonBuildr.

Here’s How Easy It Is To Use Toon Buildr!

The Canvas is Yours:

Make Your Videos How You Want.

Place your characters anywhere in your video and make them move throughout each scene, in any direction.


Intro And Outro Animations. 

Choose from left, right, up, down, zoom in, zoom out, and fade transitions with a click of a button.


Intro And Outro Animations. 

Choose from left, right, up, down, zoom in, zoom out, and fade transitions with a click of a button.

Total Text Control:

Insert And Customize Your Fonts.

Drop in text and customise how you want it to look changing font type, sizes & colors to make your video absolutely perfect.

Just Click To Flip:

Make Characters Face Left or Right And Talk To Each Other.

Got a character or image that faces right and want it to face left or vice versa?  Check the flip option and make it look like characters are having a conversation!

Just Click To Flip:

Make Characters Face Left or Right And Talk To Each Other.

Got a character or image that faces right and want it to face left or vice versa?  Check the flip option and make it look like characters are having a conversation!

Control The Size:

Resize The Backgrounds And Characters Without Losing Visual Quality.

Just drag the corner (the red x will show you where) and you can get every element in your video the exact size you want.

Use Your Own Creative Assets:

Import Your Own Audio And Images.

Toon Buildr’s library is massive, but sometimes you want to just use your own or tie it in with the look and feel of your website.  Now you can! 

Unlimited Applications For Any Business!


The ONE thing all businesses and marketers have in common is the ongoing need for engaging vieos in their campaigns. ToonBuildr gives you the competitive edge YOU need to create stunning animated videos in any market … and is PERFECT for…

Affiliate Marketers
Video Marketers
Brick & Mortar Store Owners / Small Business
Product Creators
Traffic Specialists
List Builders
eCommerce Stores
Social Media Marketers

Face facts: High quality animated videos come at a price. You’re either forced to struggle with expensive & complicated software, or pay specialists every time you need a new video. Not anymore.

Flexible Software

 Work in the software how you want! You get multiple character movements and options that com with each animation.

Studio Quality

Carefully crafted, our animation also implement motion blur which cannot be found in similar product!

High Definition

All Characters and backgrounds come in HD format so you can stretch and shrink them to fit your scenes perfectly and crystal clear visual quality.

Drag And Drop

You don’t need any animation skill, just drag and drop to your favourite software and you’re all set.

– TOon Buildr Animated Videos –

Show What Your Product Does, Get Their Emotions Going, And Close The Sale!…

To really use animated cartoon style videos to their best advantage in a direct sales website, you need to play to the strengths of ToonBuildr style video marketing.

Those strengths are:

  • Showing, not telling

  • Providing an emotional experience

  • Closing the sale

Imagine two direct sales concepts using audio-visual techniques.

They’re both selling the same product: a lawnmower attachment, we’ll say.

In one concept, the company’s owner sits at a desk and talks to you about the advantages of the attachment in terms of durability, effectiveness, and price.

In another concept, we see a young boy mowing the lawn. In a series of quick cuts, we see a young man, then an older man…

…Then a senior citizen, then a venerable grandfather–smiling as he watches a young grandchild mow the same lawn, in each case using the product.

It’s just obvious that the second concept is better, but why?

First: it shows rather than tells.

Second: it provides an emotional experience.

Third: it makes the point quickly.

Image Library

Choose from 100’s of high conversion background images to make sure campaigns look great, or choose a color that you like.

Branding System

.Every part of every campaign can be customized for color, style, images and more. None of your campaigns need to look the same.

Automated Countdowns

Set an expiry date and forget it, the app handles it all. It can redirect campaigns that have expired to the web page of your choice, or simply hide the countdown.

AutoResponder Integration

Direct integration with over 14 autoresponder providers means you can take full advantage of ContestBuildr listbuilding capabilities.

Unlimited Entrants

Create massive viral contests with no limits to the numbers of entrants.

Promotional System

Use these campaigns to run special offers, sign people up to your list, enter a contest, prelaunch contests and more!

Video Backgrounds

Boost engagement and branding with fully animated video backgrounds. Embed any video and have it as a background!

Detailed Stats

A full statistics dashboard is provided for every campaign so you can see more information about your  traffic.

Mobile Responsive

Any contest or campaign you run must be mobile responsive, and ContestBuildr handles that perfectly for you automatically.

Visual Editor

Enter what contest info entrants see before a contest, after they enter and when a contest expires, all through a WYSIWYG interface.

FaceBook Connect Entries

People can choose to enter a contest by simply clicking the FB Connect button. This ensures the contest owner captures their best email.

Timed Contests

For maximum impact, you can set contests to begin and end at a certain time, and only show specific content before, during and after a contest.

Email notifications

Simply add your own SMTP info and then contest entrants will receive an email confirming their entry, and whatever else you add to the email.

User Management

See all entry details and fully export all their data to a CSV file to use as you choose.

– TOon Buildr Animated Video software –

Click The Images Below For A Close Up Look At Some Of Your New Animated Characters!…

– TOon Buildr Animated Video software –

Comes With Thirty-Four HD Stretchable Background Images And You Can Even Add Your Own!…

Bonus Agency License Included

Start Your Own Animated Video Service Agency At No Additional Cost & Charge Clients Any Price You Want!

Make Money Selling Animated Cartoon Style Videos For $100’s or Even $1000’s Of Dollars Or More Per Campaign…


Look, we could have just handed you access to ToonBuildr so you can build animated videos for yourself on an unlimited basis, but…

We’ve decided to take it one step further.

We are giving you a full blown business on a platter with the ability to create cartoon style animated videos for other businesses.

You can literally start your own video design agency with ToonBuildr…

And there are no extra fees!

You can sell animated video creation services for as much as you want, it’s totally up to you.

Reseller Account:

 – Toon Buildr Reseller Offer –

 Resell An Unlimited Number Of Accounts To ToonBuildr & Keep 100% Of The Profits On Every Sale!…

Reselling access to ToonBuildr is super easy…

Step #1. – Just login to the customer/reseller portal and update your Paypal email address where you want to receive your commission payments.

Step #2. – Then navigate to the reseller area and get your special link to promote ToonBuildr including pre-written swipe emails and banner images.

Step #3. – Drive traffic to your reseller link which will lead each visitor to the ToonBuildr offer page and sales letter just like you are viewing now.

When someone purchase access through your reseller link you earn 100% commissions on every sale!

Order Today: And Get The
Multi-Install License

Just in case you have multiple computers that you like to work from. We’re going to give you the license to install Toon Buildr across multiple computers at no extra cost.

We’ve unlocked the multi-install option for you, with your purchase today

That means you can use ToonBuildr on all of your computers whenever the video creation bug bites!

Works On Both PC and Mac!